Traditional Build

As with all building projects the journey commences with the completion of your base and foundation, base and ground works. In financial terms this can account for 30% of the overall costs of your extension, sometimes more depending on drains and lay of the land etc. This is classed as traditional building works and in general terms involves between three to four weeks work on site preparing the ground works and footings, laying the insulated foundation “up to dpc” (existing house damp course) and letting it set, for a single-story extension and if a two-story extension then ten to twelve weeks, through to completion of the base, along with any drainage tasks that may be required as part of your project.

Form this position your walls then are built normally in a brick on block wall configuration with a central cavity and or a block on block wall configuration again with a cavity.

External finishes can be either a brick finish to match as close as possible your existing home and or a render and or pebble dash finish and  a cladded finish. Note some customers have multiple options.

This type of construction is of course weather dependant.


The Durabase system is a proven solution for building bases and walls, consisting of two system Durabase and Durabase plus, one for conservatories that don’t require building regulations and one for full building regulations following survey it is manufactured in a factory environment and then delivered to site in a kit form. Benefits of this type of system are numerous and include, speed and efficiencies on site, from start to finish we can have your floor and walls erected and completed in normally three days. It is not weather dependant and due to its method of production is extremely energy efficient. Durabase system comprises of a bespoke steel coated base and floor manufactured to your exact measurements. The walls are manufactured out of a steel box frame with externally a brick or rendered finish. Internally both the floor and walls are insulated to a high specification surpassing current building control requirements.


What are SIP’s

Sips are todays modern and efficient building materials known as (structural insulated panelised system), they are high performing building system for both residential and lightweight commercial projects. The panel consists of a high-performance insulating form, known as the core sandwiched between two structural facings, typically OSB boards. The system is manufactured within a factory environment under controlled conditions and can be either a bespoke or modular based product offering. A key benefit of this type of system is that they are delivered to site ready to erect. In general terms from arrival on site with the panelised system it can be erected to a water tight condition in three days.

The result is a building that is extremely strong, energy efficient and cost effective.

Externally you have a choice of finishes to choose, ranging from a brick faced finish to a rendered finish. You could also choose a more contemporary finish in cladding.

A key factor in this type of technology is not costs, whilst competitive a SIP’s structure would cost you around the same as a traditional structure when finished, however when you factor in the labour savings resulting from shorter construction time on site and less waste, the overall speed and efficiencies created by this type of structure, energy savings. The result is a building that is extremely strong, energy efficient and we believe extremely costs effective.  This type of construction methods is an all year-round process and not weather dependant.


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