Mono Pitch

As a Home Improvement specialist we often get asked the questions of what is a Mono Pitch roof and of course what are the benefits of purchasing and installing the same.

A Mono Pitch roof is to all intents and purposes a lean to style roof that captures all the benefits of an Orangery roof, with the superior insulation properties of a solid tiled roof system, effectively creating the best of both worlds.

The popular and heavily used lean to roof has seen little in the way of design changes or product innovation over the last five years or more.

Although widely used for both single story extensions and of course new build conservatries it has to all intent and purposes been overlooked within the industry, as the industry has specialised in other product developments and enhancements.

The Mono Pitch roof overcomes this scenario combining a solid roof with part glazing creating both light and of course heat retention at the same time.

It is generally used and installed within an area that has two parapet walls, one on either side of the roof structure and normally full height walls.

Utilising the current technology these Mono pitch roofs can be manufactured and installed to a reasonable width and projection 3.5m by 3.5m (as an example) and they can work to a standard roof pitch of 25degree.

Whilst not definitive a Mono Pitch roof would generally have 65 percent solid insulated tiled roof and 35% glass, please note that figs above are an example and could change depending on the customer requirements.

As with our all of our roofs a choice of roof tile and colour choice is standard. Utilising the Superlight extra light shingle tile or if required progressing to a slate tile effect tile finish.

We believe that the Superlight Mono pitch roof system is a game changer for the industry and our customers alike with its part tiled and part glazed look and finish. It is a step changer for the traditional lean to roof structure, creating a light and airy feel to your new conservatory or extension, with the added benefits of roof insulation keeping the cold out n the winter and the heat in, whilst during the summer months keeping the heat out and creating that ambient temperature to the living space.

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