Replacement Conservatory Roofs

Designed to be installed as a retro fit onto existing conservatory window frames, tiled conservatory roof systems convert your glass-roofed conservatory into a usable all year round room. We can build you a new sun-porch from scratch should you require us to provide this complete service.

If you have an existing conservatory, you will probably agree that it is too hot in summer and very cold in the winter. With the incredible u-value of just 0.18 (0.15 for the Scottish market) with the SupaLite tiled conservatory roof system you will never experience these extreme temperature changes ever again!


Watch in-depth, step-by-step Videos showing the full installation process for your Replacement Conservatory Roof.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about any stage of the installation process.

Supalite Benefits

The SupaLite conservatory roof saves you money on your heating bills whilst rewarding you with a living space that is useable all year round, regardless of the temperature or weather outside.

Our roofs not only come with the option of different tile and slate colours but also colour matching fascias, soffits and gutters so you can perfectly compliment your home and finally have a stylish yet practical conservatory you can be proud of. Why not add roof vents to maximise light and allow fresh air to flow through your upgraded living space?

SupaLite Conservatory Styles

If your roof doesn’t fall into the category of the listed roofs on our website do not threat. Whatever style/shape of roof you need, we can make bespoke to your needs and requirements.

Building Regulations

Our SupaLite roofs comply with all necessary building regulations so you don’t have to worry when it comes to legislation and can feel at ease knowing we completely take care of this side of things for you.

SupaLite Guarentee

We offer a 20 Year Guarantee on our SupaLite tiles which have a life expectancy of over 50 years. These state of the art roofs ingeniously eliminate noise from the rain and wind as well from traffic or neighbours.

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    Lean To Tiled Conservatory Roof

    • Ideal for kitchen extensions
    • Maximise space at the back of the house
    • Ends can have one or two slopes

    Edwardian Tiled Conservatory Roof

    • Classic shape
    • Attractive design
    • Maximises room space

    Victorian Tiled Conservatory Roof

    • Contemporary styling
    • More options for door positioning
    • 3-facet roof design

    Double Hipped Tiled Conservatory Roof

    • Ideal for bungalows
    • Existing low pitched roofs can be converted easily into this style
    • Highly versatile design

    Gable Front Tiled Conservatory Roof

    • Suitable for replacement or new build
    • Continuous room height
    • Long ridge down the centre
    • Light and airy space

    Special Shaped (Custom) Tiled Conservatory Roofs

    • Increases your options
    • P shape or T shape that can maximise your living space
    • Ideal for converting an old conservatory into a room
    • Perfect for bungalows

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