I confirm that we had a new roof installed by Aspire House Solutions Ltd to replace the glass roof on our 28 foot conservatory. This was something that we had been considering for some time as we were experiencing the usual too hot/too cold scenarios that those who have a conservatory face. However, our conservatory was not a separate room and formed part of the kitchen, so we were unable to close the conservatory off in the summer and winter.

We looked into having the conservatory removed and replaced with a solid roof, solid walls and bi-folding doors but the amount we were being quoted would almost certainly have involved some element of re-mortgaging to fund the project.

We were recommend Aspire House Solutions Ltd by a friend, who had had similar work done, of good quality and the costs to be more appropriate to what we were looking at.

We met with a sales representative at our home on who carefully took us through the procedure, the material involved and the complete cost of the project. Having met with a number of sales representatives over the years (builders, blind companies etc) , for potential solutions to the conservatory “problem”, we found Jim to be refreshingly honest and plain speaking.

We soon confirmed our order on 9 June and paid a deposit fee. From that moment, it took approximately two weeks for all the materials to be delivered to the house, for the work to start the following Monday morning. The people who came to remove and fit the new roof, Mike and Louis, could not have been nicer. They are father and son, and it is clear that Mike knows exactly what to do and it became quickly clear that he was extremely experienced and someone who you could have complete faith in. They were patient with us, if we had questions and took the time to explain things clearly to us, especially as we decided to change the pitch of the interior ceiling which meant recalculating measurements, they took this completely in their stride and checking with us many times that we were happy with their suggestions. It was nice to feel involved. They were extremely tidy as well which was extremely helpful for us with a 18 month old baby.

The next step was the plastering, which again was a very smooth process carried out by two professional and very courteous plasterers. They had to go and get more materials, but this was taken in their stride and they were extremely tidy about their work.

Finally there was an electrician who installed the downlights, although there was a small delay with the time of his arrival, he was completely professional and gave us guidance on the best place to install some further downlights we had ordered after the initial order was made. He stayed late until the job was done.

The new roof has made a complete difference to the house. For the first summer since we moved in, the kitchen has been a comfortable room to sit after 12 midday. The removal of both the heat and the brightness has made a complete difference to the way we feel about the house. Both were completely oppressive and to have both of those elements controlled makes such a difference. Given the heat wave we experienced this year, I suspect we might have needed to move into rented accommodation if we had not had the roof replaced. We considered having Velux windows installed in the roof, but decided not to and we could not have been happier with our decision.

I could not recommend Aspire House Solutions Ltd highly enough. The whole process has been professional and seamless and extremely cost effective when compared to other solutions available on the market. It has made a complete difference to our lives, making the house a place we like returning to on a hot day. I would say to those deciding whether to replace their current conservatory glass roof to speak with Aspire House Solutions Ltd. It has made our house comfortable and inviting and greatly improved the quality of the time we spend in it.


Mr and Mrs Johnson, Kent