Supalite Tiled Roof System

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Supalite tiled solid roof replacement

  • Is your conservatory too cold in the winter and then too hot in the summer, assuming so then fall back in love with your conservatory and join our revolution.
  • The Supalite energy efficient tiled roof system is a significant step changer within the conservatory market place that is providing homeowners of tired old and energy inefficient glass or polycarbonate roofs.
  • With a real viable cost effective solution to resolve the extreme temperature fluctuations you experience throughout the year. With of course the added benefit of noise reduction as well, particularly if you live by the side of the road or in a built up area.

Reasons to buy a Supalite Replacement tiled Solid from Aspire House Solutions Ltd

  • Our Supalite energy efficient tiled roofs will retain heat in the cooler autumn and winter months making your room a space you can use all the year round.
  • Our Supalite energy efficient tiled roofs will also keep you room cool in the summer months even in direct sunlight
  • Our Supalite tiled roofs will eliminate noise from wind and rain and significantly reduce traffic noise
  • Our Supalite energy efficient tiled roofs will eliminate the glare that you experience with both polycarbonate and glass roofs
  • Our Supalite roofs are designed and tested to the standards demanded by the LABC
  • Our Supalite roofs fully conform to current building control requirements
  • Our Supalite energy efficient roofs allow you to re-use the room that you thought you had lost and be capable of being used 12 months of the year.
  • Our Superlight energy efficient roofs can be built to almost any shape, style and Design the choice is yours.
  • Once installed you should start to see savings in terms of reduced fuel bills and a more comfortable ambient temperature.

  • Our Supalite energy efficient tiled roofs can be used for both new and existing conservatories and single story extensions
  • Our Supalite energy efficient tiled roofs also allow you extra finishing touches to include, lighting internally and externally, roof windows, either opening or fixed windows, opened by a pole or electric motor.