As a builder and supplier of traditional brick and block build and SIPs new build extensions, We often get asked the questions of what are benefits of building a SIPs (structurally insulted panel system) extension to a home.
Most people we believe are aware that SIPs homes are more energy efficient compared to other buildings, contributing significantly towards environmental sustainability. However, There are many more reasons we suggest to opt for a structurally insulated panel system home: (SIPs)

Benefits while on Site:
The construction method for building with structurally insulated panels is fast, easy and cost effective. A key benefit is that the main work is done in a factory environment as the panels are built and prepped for installation. These SIPs walls come in various thicknesses and panel sizes are lightweight and this makes them easier to handle. However do not be deceived by the weight, as the structurally insulated panel walls are known for their superior strength. Incredibly they are up to seven times sturdier than conventional walls as they have a solid core of high-density insulation present throughout the structure of the wall. Today you can see installations taking place with Sips panels up to seven stories high. The construction of structurally insulated panel walls can be completed within a span of a few weeks, reducing time spent on site, creating speed and efficiency were it matters most.

Good for the environment: Structurally insulated panel buildings are extremely eco friendly. The benefits to the environment alone are endless!

  • Less waste material is produced as compared to conventional building methods.
  • Less energy is wasted as the structurally insulated panel homes retain heat highly effectively.
  • More energy efficient as structurally insulated panel homes can be heated easily, helping you to reduce costs and save money.
  • Less carbon dioxide released.
  • Building structurally insulated panel walls requires very little energy.
  • Less raw material i.e timber is required for the construction of SIP as compared to conventional buildings.

More space available: Structurally insulated panel walls require less space than conventional walls. This means that the space occupied by walls in the home can be reduced, depending on panel thickness and U value required this can be as much as 100mm per wall section installed, some times more. These walls have smaller widths and do not require massive roof trusses either. All of these factors contribute in increasing the floor space within your room and this space can be utilised for other purposes. Today the SIPs panel has developed into a complete system offering both walls, flooring and roofing as standard.

Amazing insulation: Structurally insulated panel homes provide amazing thermal performance, with U values (energy measures) going as low as 0.1 with a 245mm panel. This will ensure that heat is equally distributed throughout the building and there are no cold spots present in the rooms. Structurally insulted panel homes are extremely energy efficient and cost effective

Airtight and Soundproof walls: Another additional benefit of the SIPs – structurally insulated panel buildings is that the walls are airtight and sound proof. Air tightness means that less air will leak out of the room or extension as such then less heat will leak out; by being air tight less air drafts would disrupt the heat distribution of the room. Making your new extension energy efficient.

The structurally insulated panel walls are also sound proof so noise penetration is generally significantly reduced. Both of these factors contribute towards a peaceful and controlled environment of the home, making it the ideal place to live without any disruption coming from the outside environment.

Resale value increases: By choosing a SIPs panel Extension you are also making an investment as this extension generally have excellent resale value.

Key factors like low running costs and environmental preservation can help to attract prospective buyers, should you choose to sale your home in the future.

The choice is yours traditional or contemporary build modular or bespoke hear at Aspire House Solutions we can offer you a complete one stop shop.

SIPS UK panelised systems
Making building simple

By listening to our customers and working with our suppliers Aspire House Solutions ltd are able to offer the ideal modular or bespoke building solution. Regardless of these requirements are based on:

  • Appearance
  • Aesthetics
  • Environmental impact
  • Costs
  • Usable space
  • Speed of building on site

We are able to treat each project as a one off bespoke to your needs, As an environmental responsible business installing highly efficient thermally insulated extensions we are able to both meet and when requested surpass current building control requirements.

We can offer:

  • Single Story Extension
  • New House Builds
  • Garden rooms
  • Community Buildings
  • Roof `conversions

And much more…

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Ready for your next project?

Whatever your requirement we are confident that we can provide you with a cost effective building solution.