Most Popular Window Designs

One way of reflecting your personality is by expressing yourself through your property’s interior and exterior appearance. Windows are one aspect that you should pay great attention to if you wish to maximise the appeal of your property. Fortunately, there is a wide range of design options for you to choose from not just for aesthetic purposes but to control the amount of ventilation and natural light that will enter your home. Seek assistance from an expert throughout the buying process to ensure that you will be selecting the right option for your personal style and budget.

Awning Windows

The awning window is a crank or handle-operated type of window, mounted vertically with a hinge on the top so that it pushes out. Its outward swinging motion is caused by being attached to either one or multiple hinges on the top of the frame. That said, this type of window is ideal for allowing air to flow whilst preventing seasonal debris like leaves or rainfall from entering the home.

Bow Windows

If you are building or reconstructing a room to form a sunny sitting and reading area, consider opting for bow windows to create a unique space in the room. This type of window uses four or more glass panels to account for the curvature as it is formed in a half-circle shape.

Bay Windows

A bay window has a classic appearance, utilised in castles since the English Renaissance and ideal to complement traditional and rustic home designs. The structure is made up of a series of windows with design options that are flanked by smaller windows at specific angles making it an excellent choice for allowing maximum light to enter a room.

Casement Windows

The casement window is known to most homeowners and is still popular in many European countries as it blends well with many different home designs. It is hinged on one side and can be swung either in or out with a handle or crank, allowing more airflow into the room.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows feature two vertical sashes that can have a single pane or multiple panes, both of which can be moved all the way up and down. This functionality allows quick and simple ventilation whilst offering the home a traditional yet trendy appeal.

Fixed Window

If you are looking for a way to improve your home’s energy efficiency a fixed window may be a preferred choice. Also considered as a modern window design, it consists of one or multiple glass panes, set permanently in place within the frame and does not open.

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are by far the simplest choice for any type of home whilst still offering a clean and classic design style. The top sash of the window is stationary and the opening comes from raising the bottom half.

Sliding Windows

With its easy to use functionality and durability, a sliding window is one of the most popular choices for many UK homeowners. Sliding windows have tracks on both the top and bottom of the frame, allowing it to slide from side to side. This type of window has the capacity to let a good amount of fresh air into the home whilst offering a vintage yet modern look.

Tilt Turn Windows

Tilt turn windows have a classic minimalistic European design style and are considered to be versatile in function whilst remaining simple to use. For easy ventilation purposes a tilt turn window can either swing in like a door or be tilted upward into the home.

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