How To Keep Your Conservatory Cool This Summer

A conservatory is a popular home extension as it offers many purposes and it boosts property value. Conservatories have endless design possibilities and can be adapted to any lifestyle. However, since conservatories are mainly composed of glass it can feel too hot inside during the summertime especially older conservatories as they are not as energy efficient as their modern equivalents.

Conservatories are a place where you can work, relax and socialise. Don’t let the stifling heat ruin your summer, so make the most of this great season with these tips:

Put up blinds

One of the best ways to reduce the heat inside your conservatory is to install blinds. Blinds cool a conservatory down significantly by shielding the room from the glare of the sun. It is one of the simplest ways to keep your conservatory cool and they are available in a selection of styles to suit a range of budgets. Many people choose to add blinds to their conservatory not only for practical use but for aesthetic reasons since it is an easy and stylish way to add a splash of colour to your home.

Apart from keeping the room cool from direct heat, blinds also help keep heat in during the winter months and are a flexible option as you can adjust how much light and warmth you want to let in no matter what time of the year it is. Additionally, blinds can also offer you more privacy in a room that can feel quite exposed.

Allow proper ventilation

Overheating may come from the air trapped in a conservatory. The easiest way to keep your conservatory ventilated is to open your windows to allow the air to circulate effectively. Proper ventilation allows fresher air to circulate into the room and ensures airborne moisture and pollutants are regularly flushed out of your home. This simple act will keep a high indoor air quality contributing to a healthier and more comfortable living environment. Just keep in mind that you do not leave your windows open whilst you are out of the house as summer sees a surge in burglary with thieves taking advantage of open windows and backdoors.

Consider air conditioning

Although this may be a more expensive solution, air conditioning installation is perhaps the most effective way of keeping a conservatory cool. Some units offer a dual function which means they can both cool the room in summer and heat it in winter making it a very good investment.

Choose a cool interior design

Another way to keep your conservatory cool is to opt for an interior design that includes pastels and whites on the wall, using light and soft fabrics. Plants can also create a calming conservatory atmosphere and let you enjoy nature without having to sit directly under the sun. Choose furniture in natural materials such as bamboo or rattan instead of leather furnishings.

Replace your conservatory roof

If you have an older conservatory replacing the roof could be the best solution. Conservatory roofs that are made from thermally efficient materials will act as a barrier, keeping heat out in summer and inside during winter which means less energy use and therefore lower energy bills.

Aspire House Solutions installs Supalite tiled solid roof replacements that will keep your conservatory cool in the summer months even in direct sunlight. We also build new conservatories, orangeries and extensions either the traditional or the modern way and our goal is to provide you with a room that you can use every day of the year, improve your home and if required, create the extra space that you need within your home. Call us on 01245 678005 or 01702 624314.

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