Garden rooms or Garden Studios

A garden room or a garden studio what is the difference “a question we get asked regularly”.

In general, terms a garden room is a panelised building that is built using modern building methods of site, then delivered to site in a pod form, which is then re-constructed on site, it is energy efficient normally to conform to current building regulations in terms of energy ratings and can have simply all walls and a single door, or French doors door’s and window or windows combination, bringing the outside in. It comes complete with a roof and floor that are pre-fabricated and sits on an easy base piling system. (you could also have a traditional base and footings). It could have a veranda or decking to the front and or sides elevation and is a room generally used for enjoying your garden all year round. Internally the finish is generally cladding or sometimes simply painted, with the optional extra of a plastered skim finish to the internal walls.
In terms of size the normal height of the roof is 3m to the front or rear elevation and sloped and generally in terms of shape is classed as a lean to roof system, which is finished off utilising modern materials.
A garden room can be used for entertaining throughout the year providing you with a relaxing environment to enjoy your garden all year round. It could be a play room for your children, whilst linking to an outdoor play area.

A garden studio is a room built as a panelised building and a room that is built using modern building methods of site, then delivered to site in a pod form, again creating speed and efficiencies at the point of installation. A normal sized room can be erected and water tight within three days. It is an energy efficient structure and can be offered with optional energy ratings that fully conform and surpass current building regulations and beyond. Externally it is generally a rendered or cladded finish, however (can sometimes be a single brick finish), to suite in with your existing environment.
Internally it is generally a plastered skim finish, then decorated, it also has electrics installed and lighting both internally and externally, a number of our customer also install electric heating.
A garden studio is generally more contemporary in its design. Utilising, a range of walls, incorporating bi-fold doors or French doors and window combinations, to create a room that is light and airy all year round, for instance you could have a room that is say 5 meters in width and have a set of doors that then fully open up into the garden, during the spring and summer months. Truly letting the outside in.
This is a room that can truly blend in and create a relaxing environment to work in, usage does vary however in general terms it is used as an office or work room, creating the work space away from the house. It can also become a modern living area, incorporating external patio or decking areas, barbecue area and a whole lot more.
Garden rooms and or Garden studios are great way of creating the extra space you need without the disruption to your main home and of course can be an option when available building space is limited to your main home.

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